こうの 貴久子
18歳で上京 挿絵画家としてデビュー

Kikuko Kohno
Born in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Moved to Tokyo at the age of 18, debuted as an illustrator
Studied art in Latin America at age 28
Impressed by folk music, dance and folk art, studied traditional dance and music at national traditional dance companies throughout Cuba
After returning from Cuba, experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake
Lost interest in the harsh life in Tokyo and moved to Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
After marrying and having a baby, she continues her creative activities in a place with beautiful countryside and forests.
Her creative activities include dance, painting, ceramics, writing, music, and clothing.

–  作家のことば –

日本、長崎に生まれました。 幼い頃から、アジアとヨーロッパの伝統が日本の生活様式に混ざり合っている独自の長崎文化に影響を受けました。江戸時代、長崎は西との貿易が許可された唯一の場所でした。 私の家は、出島の近くだったので、周りには古いヨーロッパ風の建物や教会がたくさんありました。 母の家族はチャイナタウンで酒屋を経営していたので、私は中国の大衆文化とデザインに親しみを感じています。 子供の頃の私の目には、長崎の町では、神道、キリスト教、仏教、道教など、さまざまな宗教文化や芸術が邪魔されずに共存しているように見えました。 それは、とてもカラフルで豊かな世界観でした。これらの経験は今でも私の作品に影響を与え続けています。

私が生まれた街では、昔から続く祭りがあります。 祭りでは、地元の人々が演者となり、次から次へと色鮮やでリズミカルな幻想的な世界を創り出します。 自然、神、異国、物語が、踊りや山車や歌、楽器、絵、着物などさまざまな方法で表現されます。海が荒れ狂い、川がきらめき、花が踊る世界。 ドラゴンや他の摩訶不思議な生き物たちが生まれいづる神秘的で幻想的な世界。 異国の人々や神々や人間の聴衆の前で天の乙女と歌い踊る場所。 長崎の人々にとっての日常の生活は、神秘的で幻想的な世界とつながっています。 この幻想的な世界こそが私の故郷です。 この世界は、一度私を捕らえ、決して私を手放すことはありません。

–  Creator’s comment –

Born in Nagasaki, Japan. From early childhood, I was influenced by an interculturalcontext, Asian and European traditions mixed in a Japanese way of living. During the Edo period, Nagasaki was the only place where trade with West was permitted.There were many old European style buildings and Churches near my house. Since my mother’s family was running a liquor shop in the little China town, I am familiarwith Chinese popular culture and design. In the town of Nagasaki, different religiouscultures and arts such as Shinto, Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism coexistwithout disturbing each other … That’s what I saw when I was a child. It was a verycolorful and rich view of the world. These experiences can still be appreciated in mywork.

In the city where I was born, there was a long-standing festival. At the festival, the locals become performers, creating a fantastic world of brilliant, rhythmic and fantastic one after another. Nature, gods, exoticism, and stories are expressed in a variety of ways, including dances, floats, songs, musical instruments, pictures, and kimonos. A world where the sea is raging, the rivers are twinkling, and the flowers are dancing. Mysterious and fantastic lands, home of dragons and other incredible creatures; Where people from foreign lands dance with celestial maidens in front of gods and human audience. Daily life is connected to a mysterious and fantastic world. The fantastic world is my hometown, it captured me once and never let me go.